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Michael Ray Pittsburgh Editorial Portrait and Pittsburgh Food Photography

Pittsburgh Photographer, Michael Ray, welcomes you to his editorial portrait, food photography, and commercial photography portfolio web page. Michael is one of Pittsburgh 's most highly regarded location and studio photographers, known for his dramatic and innovative, photographic lighting techniques.

Michael Ray's Pittsburgh Photography, specializes in commercial people photography, editorial portrait photography, Pittsburgh location photography, industrial photography, studio still life photography, and is a talented, nationally regarded food photographer. Michael is considered by many as one of Pittsburgh 's premier photographers noted for his photographic lighting expertise.

Michael Ray Pittsburgh photography offers the following commercial photography services:

Editorial portrait photography

Executive portrait photography and People photography - Michael shoots for many Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design Firms, Public Relations companies, magazines, and corporate direct clients in Pittsburgh and around the country. Many Art Directors, Designers and Art Buyers, find it cost effective to hire a photographer in city where they need someone or something photographed. Whether it’s an executive or celebrity for a magazine article illustration, or it’s a full-blown photojournalist assignment for a national newspaper or magazine, many clients have found that Michael can deliver exceptional results using either high resolution digital technology or good old film.

Food Photography

One area of photography that Michael especially enjoys, is food photography. Compiling a large percentage of his business, no other Pittsburgh Photographer shoots food quite like Michael. If you need food pictures for packaging, magazine editorial magazine, point of purchase, of even wall display, Michael can supply you with beautiful, useful, and eye catching photos. There are over three hundred food portfolio pictures on this site. Please take a minute to view the various styles of food photography displayed here. You’ll find High Key food pictures, low key lighting effects, extreme close-ups and distant views. If you need food photography in Pittsburgh or you want to take advantage of technology and Art Direct from some distant location, Michael Ray can provide you with the food photography that can please your boss, sell more magazines, sell more pizzas, or just make your wall a like more attractive. You may also want to visit the food photography blog. The food photography blog is a place where "wannabe" food photographers, food stylists, and other food professionals can read and learn more about food photography. You will be able to find pages and pages, explaining how food photographs are made and how food photographers do what they do.

Still Life and Product photography

Michael started his career in photography as a catalog photographer in Chicago. He owes his highly tuned lighting skills to the experience he received working in catalog photography. Whether you need photography based on optimum quality or optimum quantity, Michael and his skilled staff of photographers can provide you the product shots that will sell your merchandise.

Industrial Photography

Michael has created dramatic and informative photographs for many industrial clients in Pittsburgh, and around the country. In the portfolio section of this web site, you will see photos taken in mines, all types of factories, and on other industrial locations nation wide. Again, It’s Michael’s ability to see, recognize, and create dramatic lighting effects, that make his industrial photos so effective in selling your products, technology and services.

The Pittsburgh Photography Studio

Michael Ray’s Photography studio is located in the Strip district section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States of America. The studio contains 3500 square feet of shooting area, including prop and product storage, a fully equipped kitchen for food photography, 20 foot wide cyc., models changing room, client office facilities and enough state of the art photography and computer equipment to handle any job. He also travels from Pittsburgh to locations around the country photographing food, people, and products, wherever the customer needs him. For directions to the studio, please follow the "Bio" link in the web site.

Pittsburgh Business Portrait

Business portraits and commercial portraits are a natural extension of shooting people and people photography, so it should be no surprise to know that Michael has expanded his photography business to mastering the business portrait. Go ahead and brows the portraits to see if your business is in need of these kinds of photographs for your promotional needs, if it's print, web, or even billboard.

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